Managing Director Javier Lozano

Company Profile

Since 1993 the agency has successfully supported leading companies with

  • Operational Marketing Services, 
  • a flexible, experienced and international team as well as
  • a reliable budgeting and delivery.

We understand “Operational Marketing Services” as the development and implementation of individual services, which fully meet our client´s needs. We operate exactly there, where it comes to exploit the customer´s potential, to gain market share and new customers, to optimize their own services and to determine concrete information about customers and competitors.

For each customer we build project teams that work technically and organizationally like an external corporate division. Efficient communication as well as the determination and measurement of milestones are the base for our transparent and targeted project management at any time. 

We work with a pool of 400 freelancers including many native speakers and experts, that are regularly involved in the projects. The projects are carried out centrally from Frankfurt am Main. In specific cases our personnel operates on site at the customer´s facilities. Together with our partners we develop further marketing concepts and new strategies for our customers.